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Varkari Seva: Kala Foundation’s Commitment to Social Responsibility


In an exemplary display of social responsibility, Kala Foundation and Kala Genset have been actively serving the Varkari community for the past 37 years. The Varkaris, a group of pilgrims who undertake a sacred journey to honor Lord Vithoba, receive generous hospitality and support at the Akurdi premises of Kala Foundation. This noble initiative provides them with accommodation, meals, and spiritual gatherings, fostering a sense of community and compassion. Additionally, the organizations have organized a free health check-up and medicine distribution camp for the Varkaris, ensuring their well-being throughout their pilgrimage. Let’s delve into the details of this remarkable service.


Hospitality and Spiritual Gatherings:

The Kala Family and Kala Genset extend their support to Goroba Kaka Dindi, a group of over 175 Varkaris, by providing them with a comfortable stay, wholesome meals, and essential amenities. The Varkaris are welcomed into the Akurdi premises, where they are served dinner, breakfast, and tea. The day culminates with a mesmerizing Bhajan Sandhya, where the Varkaris, guests, and invitees come together to immerse themselves in devotional singing. This harmonious gathering reinforces the spiritual bond among the participants.


Free Health Check-up and Medicine Distribution:

As part of their commitment to the well-being of the Varkari community, Kala Foundation and Kala Genset organize an annual health camp. This year marked the 15th edition of this noble initiative, which catered to the healthcare needs of over 150 Varkaris. A dedicated team of healthcare professionals, in collaboration with the United Bhavsar Organization, PCMC Branch, and JSPM Institute, College of Pharmacy, provided comprehensive health check-ups and distributed essential medicines. Additionally, more than 50 Varkaris were treated to feet massages, offering them relaxation and relief during their pilgrimage.


Collaborative Support:

The success of the Varkari Seva initiative would not have been possible without the active support and collaboration of various organizations and individuals. Kala Foundation and Kala Genset express their heartfelt gratitude to the United Bhavsar Organization, PCMC Branch, and JSPM Institute, College of Pharmacy. Dr. Shailaja Bharsar, Dr. Praveen Phutane, Principal Hambar, the pharmacy students, and Team Kala played instrumental roles in making this service a reality. The valuable guidance of Kalavati Madam, Manoj Sir, Sanjay Sir, and Praveen Sir further ensured the smooth execution of the initiative.



The Varkari Seva initiative undertaken by Kala Foundation and Kala Genset showcases their unwavering commitment to social responsibility. By providing essential services, hospitality, and healthcare support to the Varkari community, they contribute to the well-being and spiritual enrichment of the pilgrims. This noble endeavour serves as an inspiration for others to engage in acts of kindness and compassion, ultimately fostering a more inclusive and caring society.