Revolutionizing Onion Storage Technology


In the presence of esteemed officials such as Shri Manoj Ahuja (Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India) and Shri Eknath Dawal (Principal Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, and Govt. of Maharashtra), the Indian Council of Agricultural Research-Directorate of Onion and Garlic Research (ICAR-DOGR) and KALA Biotech jointly unveiled their ground-breaking innovation in onion storage technology. This collaborative effort aims to address the long-standing challenges faced by farmers in preserving onion crops, avoiding distress selling, and stabilizing market prices. The state-of-the-art facility, located at KALA Freeze n Cold Technology in Rajgurunagar, Pune, boasts a massive capacity of 2000 metric tons and is equipped with cutting-edge features such as a controlled atmosphere, modular multilevel storage racks, and advanced material handling systems. Let’s delve into the details and explore the transformative potential of this innovation.

Controlled Atmosphere Onion & Multi Product Storage Facility:

At the heart of this technology demonstration lies the controlled atmosphere onion and multi-product storage facility. The facility leverages advanced techniques such as the PLAD (Pressure and Leakage Detection) ventilation system to create optimal storage conditions for onions and other commodities. With precise control over temperature, ranging from 0 to 40⁰C, and relative humidity (RH) levels between 50% and 95%, this facility ensures the longevity and quality of stored produce.

Grading & Sorting System:

To streamline the storage process, the facility is equipped with a state-of-the-art grading and sorting machine. This machine utilizes cutting-edge technology to sort onions based on size, quality, and other parameters. By automating this crucial step, farmers can achieve higher efficiency and consistency in their operations, ultimately leading to better market competitiveness.

Efficient Material Handling:

Recognizing the importance of efficient material handling, the facility incorporates a comprehensive loading, unloading, and material handling system. This system minimizes manual labour, reduces damage to onions during transportation, and optimizes workflow efficiency. By streamlining the entire process, the technology aims to reduce post-harvest losses and enhance profitability for farmers.

Benefits for Farmers and Market Stability:

The joint efforts of ICAR-DOGR and KALA Biotech in developing this innovation hold immense promise for farmers and market stability. By providing a technologically advanced storage facility, distress selling of onions can be significantly reduced. Farmers will gain the ability to store their produce for longer durations, enabling them to make informed decisions about selling their crops at favourable market conditions. This will result in a more stable market, benefitting both farmers and consumers alike.

Acknowledgments and Conclusion:

The successful demonstration of this innovative onion storage technology would not have been possible without the guidance and support of esteemed officials such as Shri Manoj Ahuja (Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India) and Shri Eknath Dawal (Principal Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of Maharashtra), along with senior officials from central and state agriculture departments.

The KALA Group, led by Manoj Phutane (Managing Director), Sanjay Phutane (Executive Director), Dr. Praveen Phutane (Technical Director), and U. D. Patil (CEO, Kala Biotech), expresses its heartfelt gratitude for their valuable inputs and support.

This revolutionary technology in onion storage is poised to revolutionize the agricultural landscape, offering a solution to long-standing challenges faced by farmers. With improved storage capabilities, farmers can enjoy better market prices, reduce post-harvest losses, and contribute to market stability. The collaborative efforts of ICAR-DOGR, KALA Biotech, and the government showcase the power of innovation and research in transforming the agricultural sector for the betterment of the nation.