Moving Towards Green Mission

Kala’s hybrid solutions are based on tailormade optimized combination of different energy forms.


India has set a target to reduce the carbon intensity of the nation’s economy by less than 45%.


To achieve 50% cumulative electric power installed by 2030, and achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2070.


To provide the equivalent power, range, cost and safety than conventional system.


More Reliable Multi Source system will be required.


Reduction in Fossil Fuels uses in power generation

Hybrid Power Solution

End- End Customized Energy Management System Solution

We are always looking for ways to reduce their environmental footprint by implementing cleaner technology, while also increasing safety standards. We’re here to do all that and more, without any compromise.

Green Energy Source Selector

Power Conditioning System


Load Distribution Panel

Types Of Hybrid System

Full Hybrid

  • Completely Independent System.
  • 80%> More use of green energy.
  • Simplified operation with efficient operating mode.

Partial Hybrid

  • Reduction battery charging & Discharging .
  • Maximum Utilization of green source cycle.
  • Reduction in maintenance of system.

Advantages of Hybrid System

  • Right power source selection
  • Improved Energy Efficiency and betterment towards the Carbon Neutral operation
  • Remote monitoring and controls
  • Assists Predictive & Preventive Maintenance
  • Better use of available Power Resources
  • Accelerated Response to Customer Needs